Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Metal sheds

Metal garden sheds are popular for storing garden equipment as they are fairly easy to construct and don’t require yearly maintenance/treatments. They are ideal as a storage shed to place at the bottom of the garden. Metal sheds are made from metals such as steel, aluminium or corrugated iron, making them fairly cheap sheds.

There are many different sizes of metal sheds available on the market; however the smaller sheds tend to have wooden bases which could be a disadvantage. If you have decided to build a metal shed you will not necessarily need to build a foundation, however this will make the shed stronger especially if it is windy.

The main downside to metal sheds is that that although they are robust, they tend to rust which is not helped by the damp environment within the UK. There are a number of metals with alloys that are resilient to rust however garden sheds built using these metals are a lot more expensive.

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