Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Bike shed storage

There are many types and sizes of both secure and practical bike storage sheds currently available on the market which include storage sheds made from either metal or timber. Bike sheds tend to be a lot slimmer than a normal garden shed and are therefore perfect if you only have a small garden. These small bike sheds can also be placed in an alleyway at the side of your house if you have no garden at all.

For a slightly different way to store your bicycles, there is a popular product range called Tidy Tents. As the name suggests these are practical tents which can be used to store your bikes or garden equipment. They are ideal for smaller gardens or for temporary storage for example whilst caravanning as they can be easily folded away into a small carry bag. Each of these tents can store up to two adult bikes.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

New use for a garden shed

Most people tend to place their garden shed at the bottom of their garden and use it to store items such as gardening tools or unused kids toys. The people of Alderney however have found a new, unusual use for one of the garden sheds on the island...a radio station studio for Quay FM. The radio station currently only broadcasts from the shed for two months a year.

Unfortunately Quay FM has been unable to become a permanent fixture on the island as everyone is unsure as to who should give them the licence for it.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Garden shed is flattened by huge boulder

A lady from Somerset was left shaken after a five tonne boulder came away from a rock face and plummeted 60ft landing right on top of her garden shed.

Although the impact of the boulder hitting the shed to the ground caused the lady's house to shake, there was no structural damage to the house. The shed actually saved the house from being struck. If the shed had not been there then the boulder would have landed in the kitchen!