Monday, 27 October 2008

Garden Office

Due to the rising cost of fuel over the last couple of years, and the increase in communications technology, for example wireless broadband, many people have been left with the idea of working from home.

Many people who already work from home tend to have a room in their house which they use as their office space. For others with smaller houses, giving up a room for an office is less practical. This is why for some people a garden office is the best solution. A garden office provides a seperate area away from your house within which you can work during the day or night. There are many types of garden office buildings available on the market ranging in styles from timber buildings (similar to large garden sheds) to beautiful stylish office buildings (see picture below).

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Garden Sheds vs Log Cabins

Wooden log cabins come in a variety of different sizes, varying from a small garden storage unit or small garden office, to a big office with various rooms, a garage or even a permanent residency. Log cabins are perfect for creating more living space or a quiet area to work within your garden, and they look attractive so they won't affect the natural beauty of your garden.

Advantages of Log Cabins

  • Natural - Solid wood
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Attractive
  • Warm
  • Comfortable

Most log cabins come as easy to assemble self build kits. Many companies selling these types of garden building offer home installation services, where a team of fitters will build the log cabin or shed for you.

The main difference between a garden shed and log cabin is the attractiveness of the exterior of the building. Log cabins tend to look more attractive and natural within your garden than a normal shed, they also tend to come in larger sizes.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Garden sheds for kids

Younger children love having their own playhouse as it makes the garden more magical. A playhouse or wendy house can give your child their own secret den within which to hide in the garden or a place for them to play with friends. Playhouses also inspire active make-believe adventures for children to enjoy outside. Children have many hours of fun in their playhouses.

There are loads of playhouses available on the market, including a choice of wooden or plastic playhouses, both having smooth corners to avoid injuries. There are many colours and styles of playhouses for both boys and girls and for different age ranges. Some wooden playhouses even come with swings, slides and steps.

A playhouse can also be used during the winter months as a storage unit to store kids toys, which can come in very useful if your house is already overflowing with toys.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Garden structures

Garden Structures made from either timber or iron are perfect for making a garden look more attractive. The most common types of garden structure include:


Pergola is the name usually given to a structure which is made up of a number of pillars that support cross beams. It is a very open structure which makes it perfect for placing on a lawn or patio without blocking out any light. Vines and other climbing plants can be planted next to a pergola with the intention to grow up the pillars, making the structure look more natural within your garden. Pergolas are a great garden feature perfect for stylish entertaining. They are the ideal solution for extending your living space.


Wooden or iron garden arches can create an attractive focal point within your garden. There are many different types to choose from including arches with curved or pointed tops. An arch can be used to both distinguish a pathway or seperate different areas of your garden. Vines and other climbing plants can be planted next to a garden arch so that they can grow up the posts in order to make it slightly less of a bold feature within the garden.


Arbour is the name usually given to an arch type structure with a seat in the middle and trellis on the back. An arbour can create a relaxing and beautiful area in your garden. Arbours come in many different styles including curved or pointed tops, and can have a flat back or a corner right angled back. The trellis on the back of an arbour is perfect for climbing plants to grow up.