Monday, 1 September 2008

Is planning permission required for a garden shed?

Generally speaking in England and Wales planning permission is not required to put up a shed in your garden as long as you follow these rules:

  • Your shed must not cover more than half of the area of your garden.

  • If the shed is built out of a combustible material for example wood, then it should be at least 2 metres away from your house.
  • No point should be less than one metre away from any boundary.

  • It is only used for domestic purposes, it should not contain any sleeping accommodation and the floor area does not exceed 15 square metres.

  • It can be no more than 3m in height for a flat roof, or 4m for a ridged roof.

  • No part projects beyond any wall of the house that faces any highway.

  • The shed is for use only by those who occupy the house.

For more information about planning permission please click on the following link -

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