Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Garden storage

Garden storage sheds are used to keep items secure without having to clutter the home. They are usually used for the following purposes: tool storage, firewood storage, potting shed, bike store, garden office or for DIY equipment/materials and come in a range of materials including metal, wood and plastic.

As well as the fairly large standard apex or pent storage sheds available on the market, there are also a huge range of smaller garden storage products. These products are ideal for smaller gardens as they can be easily tucked away in a corner.

Garden Wall Store

The most popular and useful types of smaller garden storage products available include: storage chests or boxes, wall stores, bike stores and log stores. Also now due to the increase in the number of wheelie bins required for each household within the UK, wheelie bin stores have been introduced to hide these unattractive wheelie bins.

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