Thursday, 21 August 2008

Choosing the location of your shed

Before building or introducing a new shed into your garden you should seriously consider the following factors:

Do you need to get planning permission to put a shed in your garden? Will it obstruct your neighbours views?

You need to make sure that you have considered planning permission if you are going to construct any type of building within your back garden. There may be times when planning permission isn't necessary (if you are only building a small shed), however it is always best to check with your local council planning office. If planning permission is required then you will need to submit a site plan of your garden with the proposed location of the new shed. Make sure the shed doesn't obstruct your neighbours views/light otherwise they might object to the plans.

Where will the shed be placed within your garden? Which direction will it be facing?

When considering the location of a garden shed, you need to think about the direction of your garden and whether you want sunlight shining through the windows of the shed. Also to think about is the amount of access available to the shed in particular locations, the view of the shed from your house and whether you will be able to link the shed up to ultilities if necessary. If you decide later on that you have built the shed in the wrong place then it can be very timely to move it.

What size shed will fit comfortably in your garden?

Make sure you measure your garden before deciding on the size of shed you will be purchasing. You need to make sure you are willing to give up the amount of space required by your new shed.

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